This book was made as my Senior Project. The overarching theme of the class was Passion: Why are you here? I decided to use spiritual passion as my focus. Thus, That’s How the Light Gets In  is a hand bound compilation of spiritual poems and songs by Rumi, Leonard Cohe, Nick Drake and others.
The cover is an illustration of the proverbial tree of life. It was hand drawn and then coloured digitally.
The title comes from the Leonard Cohen song, Anthem, which is an ode to how the imperfections of existence allow the divine to shine through. Thus, each poem is preceded by a hand cut serial number through which the light literally gets in. 
Leonard Cohen's Anthem
Basho's Old Pond (Haiku)
Nick Drake's Harvest Breed
John Gillespie Magee Jr.'s High Flight
Vashti Bunyan's Diamond Day
Basho's Clouds
e.e. cummings I Carry Your Heart
Rumi's Late, By Myself
Leonard Cohen's God is Alive, Magic is Afoot
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