Kalendae was a collaborative calendar specially commissioned for the Sikka Art Fair (Bastakiya, Dubai) 2012. It was a monumental laser-cut circular wooden calendar, combining several calendars drawn from various themes. The calendar was unified typographically using the Tabletto stencil (developed by the Dutch designers collective Mark A.) in which any letterform, number or punctuation can be designed and adapted to any language, using various building blocks (curves, bends, half circles, bars, etc).
Each calendar is represented by one of 12 concentric circles, that allows for multiple readings of time as well as space. The four middle discs (two on either side) revolve when pushed. A single side displays 6 months.  Each month was designed by a different member of the A102 group, the artist collective under which the Kalendae
project was proposed to the Sikka Art Fair.
My own month was titled Plants in February, and it followed the same theme as my project, Grow 2013, listing the different plants that can be grown during the month of February in the UAE.
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