My entry to the Amelia's Magazine's open brief, That Which We Do Not Understand, a Kickstarter project in celebration of the magazine's 10th anniversary. This illustration was published in a limited edition artists' book (500 copies) along with artwork and writing from other contributors and stocked in the Tate Modern and Design Museum shops in London.
All the yellow areas were spot printed in gold. The brief called for artists to be inspired by “Mysticism, Spirituality, Alchemy, Paganism, Witchcraft, Herbalism, Shamanism, Magick, Voodoo, Folklore, Occult, Esotericism, Tarot, Astrology, Animal Spirits, Paranormal activities, the Moon and much more”.
My entry depicts a dream I had a few years ago. It was one of those dreams that stick with you for a very long time, and the scene has set itself firmly in my head. I was being carried along by a procession of tiny beings through a forest of very tall trees; I didn’t know where to. Everything was enveloped in different shades of red and yellow. I could feel myself floating along over these creatures, but I was also watching the scene from above. A warm light was visible in the distant, that seemed to recede further and further way the closer I got to it. Along with this strong imagery was strong sound, which I can still hear in my head: high pitched celebratory choral singing.
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